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Movember 6th: Strength In Numbers

(Photos of faces removed to protect the guilty)

Several weekends ago I traveled to Boston in a Space Car (Tesla) with a group of friends. It is hard to be physically active in a car, but we can at least talk about it.

Movember 3rd: Awareness, Activity & Naked Weight Ins



Meet Storm & “Storm!”

Last month I did my best to champion an office “Measure the Miles” challenge and quickly found that I do not move nearly as much as I should. My days working as a floor nurse in the hospital gave me 8000+ steps without any additional effort. In a primary care office, not so much.

I frequently talk about raising awareness because without that we don’t have data showing us if we are in a good place, a bad place, or somewhere in between. I found I am closer to bad than good.

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