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Movember 15th: Slytherin’s Back!

The Empire’s Back!!

The mustache is back!!! Please donate (here or here) to my Movember Fundraiser before I cast a spell on you that will remove your eyebrows…or my eyebrows, are you willing to risk it?!

-Nurse David of House Slytherin

Movember 1st: Beardless…ageless…



It doesn’t even look like me…

The bearded-folk prefer the term “beardless” over “clean shaven.” I’d argue, “cold” is more fitting.

I have been using my trusty Gillette Mach 3 disposable razor for the past year and today used it for the last time before its Viking-style burial ceremony in the bathtub. It is an honor of the highest order to shave this face.

Roll On Movember

Tomorrow I will shave off 20 years off my look.

Why does Nurse David Mo’?

When I worked in sales it was hard to ask people for money. It turns out talking about men’s health isn’t easy either. I participate in Movember because it is uncomfortable and that’s a good thing.

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