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Movember 14th: Signs of Mental Illness


Long before I became a nurse I realized I had a sensitivity to changes in mood, in myself and others. Believe it or not, this made things worse for me because I had an unrealistic expectation that everyone would be able to see when I needed help, reassurance, or someone to talk to. They didn’t.

Last week I discussed mental illness and that it (spoiler alert) affects men whether we want to acknowledge it or not. But for discussion’s sake, let’s say we’re not familiar with the classic signs of mental illness. Recognition of these changes in behavior can allow us to seek or offer help. 

Movember 8th: Mental Illness Affects Men Too

Day Seven ‘tasche.

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I’d like to switch gears a bit from physical activity to mental illness if I may. This is a post you’ll want to share with a loved one. Or Gary, that guy you sometimes get beer with after work and you just know he could use some help.

(Emotional) Wave Theory

The best way to describe my hiatus from writing on NurseDavid.com could be to put it in the context of my recently developed (emotional) Wave Theory. Relax, this does not involve physics.

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