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West Ham 1-4 Liverpool



der der der der der derrr derrr derrr!!!

Today I managed to get the “Ring of Fire” chant going from my couch via WhatsApp, thanks to one of my mates at the match today!


Liverpool 3-0 Mirabor (UCL)

bored jurgen

That was a less than stellar performance but it is three points closer to the knock-out stage of the Champions League.

Liverpool 3-0 Huddersfield

Three vital (and should be automatic) points.

Liverpool’s recent performances could be described as, “wild mood swings” at this point.

Tottenham 4-1 Liverpool


I’m not sure what we would do without Salah, everyone else needs to get their poop in a group.

Maribor 0-7 Liverpool (UCL)

Typical performance when I have to miss the game for work!

Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United


You have to see to believe how boring United are under Mourinho now, but it’s effective.

Newcastle 1-1 Liverpool


Missed this game coming back from Boston, unacceptable result.

Spartak Moscow 1-1 Liverpool (UCL)

I won’t waste words like we wasted chances last night.

Leicester City 2-3 Liverpool

corner.jpegAble to overcome mistakes AND a referee for a job done.


Liverpool 2-2 Sevilla (UCL)

So smart. So stubborn.

How many more times are we going to have to point out our defensive shortcomings until we adjust the system?

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