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Flower Update

Oriental Lily

I’ve been working behind the scenes on filling in the Annual and Perennial pages with pictures that have come out of the garden this year. Phase two will be general information on the flowers. Phase three will be an ongoing chronicle of how well (or not) these flowers are performing in Zone 6b.

Please let me know if there is anything that catches your eye you’d like to know more about. Or, if you have any tips, I’m all ears!

-Nurse David

Propagation From Cuttings: Plant Surgery


The crime scene. A coleus in critical condition.

Yesterday Stella, a very large Great Dane (not picture to protect her identity), allegedly trampled one of my coleus plants while frolicking about my back yard.

When I stumbled upon this injured plant I let out a Darth Vader-esque, “NooooooooooOOOOOOO!!!”

The coleus in question is a beautiful fire-like pallet of oranges, deep reds, and purple that provide brilliant contrast to the abundance of green along the fence line. I feel I have just enough horticultural acumen to salvage it.

Nurse David vs. the Trumpet Creeper

Today I felt compelled to comment on a reddit.com/r/flower post involving the Trumpet Creeper. A redditor mentioned they were thinking about planting one of these mischievous plants. This plant actually has warning videos on YouTube (Thanks, Mike from Plight to Freedom).

Read on to hear my cautionary tale.

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