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“Do I Need To Count Calories?”

This is a loaded question, but the answer is, “yes.”

Weight loss is easily one of the most frequent requests I get asked to help with as an RN care manager. The answer is to eat less, increase physical activity, or a little bit of both. 

Deceptively Evil Labels


This post, unfortunately, will contain some math.

I get thirsty. I like various liquids. Sometimes my favorites, loose tea, teeth-chattering cold ice water, beer (not always appropriate), and what I call, “No BS seltzer” are not always available.

Last night I was deceived by the Arizona tea marketing department. Let me explain. 

Healthy Soft Drink Alternatives


I am guilty of a few vices, one being Coca Cola. I am not proud that I drink it more than I should, but it has caused me to seek out alternatives. Nothing replaces the taste of Coca Cola, but perhaps I could replace the fizz. My goal is to lose some belly fat and feel sexy again. Here is how. 

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