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The Beardsman’s Kit: Oils


After completing the Beardsman’s Tri-Force (Combs, Brush, Scissors), we have a lot of options on where to go next, should we be interested in taking our beards to the next level. We can do this with various types of products to maintain them to look and feel good.

Beard & Hair Day At The Barber


Me, after a long day at work.

I love going to my, “Master Barber,” Pieter Van Dusen. It is part man-crush, part therapy session, and part quality time spent keeping my hair and beard looking good.

I often joke about not wanting to refer people to Pieter because it can be hard to get in for an appointment initially. I am booked three cuts out, so if you’re a man in Rochester, NY who cares about looking sharp, you can do no better.

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