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Somedays Are Better Than Others (To Workout)

U2 – “Somedays Are Better Than Others

Yesterday…was not a good day for activity. Day four of this month was a rest day. After three days of increasing my activity by as much as 50%, I am feeling the fatigue, the soreness, the desire to crawl back into bed.

As always, a little awareness goes a long way and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. These setbacks or, “rest days” should be anticipated. Somedays are better than others.

-Nurse David

Activity Will Make Us Tired



It doesn’t take much these days…

Massive spoiler alert, right? It is important if we are going to embark on increasing our activity that we do it in a way that doesn’t kill us.

Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries


extra fries baby.jpg

Our team has a placard!

I am coming off a fantastic weekend of revelry away with friends. Yes, we even brought a Canadian with us to increase the fun factor. Let’s just say if I had congestive heart failure I would have called my provided for gaining too much weight in too short a time span.

“Let There Be Light!”

Serving a patient population isn’t limited to health education. There is a decent variety of challenges RN clinical care managers face. Today the crisis is a patient without electricity.

“Do I Need To Count Calories?”

This is a loaded question, but the answer is, “yes.”

Weight loss is easily one of the most frequent requests I get asked to help with as an RN care manager. The answer is to eat less, increase physical activity, or a little bit of both. 

The Wonderful & Terrible Things About The Hospital Day Shift

I’m excited to be writing again. I have mentioned before the ability to attract other like minded individuals. It’s worked again.

I recently read a post from Barely Sane Nurse that hit close to home. She is a night shift nurse who’s started wondering, “Why the hell am I doing this again?”

The way Barely Sane Nurse talks about the profession can best be described as, “uncensored.” This is near and dear to my heart as we should be able to talk about the profession, the good and bad, for what it is and isn’t.  This post is dedicated to all barely sane night shift nurses out there. 

Deceptively Evil Labels


This post, unfortunately, will contain some math.

I get thirsty. I like various liquids. Sometimes my favorites, loose tea, teeth-chattering cold ice water, beer (not always appropriate), and what I call, “No BS seltzer” are not always available.

Last night I was deceived by the Arizona tea marketing department. Let me explain. 

Coping During A Bad Work Week

Possibly the only thing I miss about the hospital is I rarely worked more than three days in a row. There is always a day off around the corner.

In primary practice, I’m strapped in for five days in a row. A lot of good often happens during that time. Conversely a lot of bad can also happen. That is this week’s story. 

The Loneliness of Self-Improvement

When I graduated from college (the first time) my first grown up job was working for a Boiler Room type call center. It was a realtor self-improvement seminar company. They would go from city to city teaching Realtors how to improve their sales. My job was to cold call realtors and put butts in seminar seats. It was as bad as it sounds. 

Designate A Point Person

Before I became a nurse, my (first) college diploma says I have degrees in communication journalism and economics. I use those skills every day as it relates to interacting with patients and the costs associated with health care decisions. Today I am going to discuss an aspect of patient communication: the designated point person. 

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