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Movember 10th: Slowdive Photos


It’s not often I get a decent photo at a concert, but I have been enjoying these couple of shots from last night’s Slowdive performance in Buffalo.

I also met some fellow Reds from the local Queen City Kop Liverpool FC supporters club. Up the Reds!

Slowdive – “Sugar For The Pill”

Slowdive – “Sugar For The Pill”

I get to see Slowdive tonight at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo. I really couldn’t ask for a better band for my current mood this time of year. Good times with good friends!


(Emotional) Wave Theory

The best way to describe my hiatus from writing on NurseDavid.com could be to put it in the context of my recently developed (emotional) Wave Theory. Relax, this does not involve physics.

Somedays Are Better Than Others (To Workout)

U2 – “Somedays Are Better Than Others

Yesterday…was not a good day for activity. Day four of this month was a rest day. After three days of increasing my activity by as much as 50%, I am feeling the fatigue, the soreness, the desire to crawl back into bed.

As always, a little awareness goes a long way and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. These setbacks or, “rest days” should be anticipated. Somedays are better than others.

-Nurse David

“The World Is Prepared For Us, Don’t You Feel It’s Time?”

The Velvet Teen – “No Star”

“I Hate To Tell You In A Song That I Love You”

Black Kids – “In a Song”

Apparently, Black Kids have been releasing songs piecemeal for the first time in almost a decade. I wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they didn’t know why this would make me excited. “In a Song” is their latest of four new releases and it is most good.

Electric Guest – “Oh Devil”

Electric Guest – “Oh Devil”

Swimming pools, life guards, an old BMW, silk shirts, summer crushes, and smooth falsetto versus Carribean vocals; this is your Friday night summer jam.

The video is a little involved but worth the watch. Electric Guest is on tour and playing at the Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo, NY on September 7th.

Now, I am off to find that silk shirt I rocked in 7th grade that should still fit.


Tegan and Sara @ Town Ballroom (Buffalo, NY)

Tegan and Sara – “Stop Desire”

If I’m being honest, I’m not a fan of Tegan and Sara’s Love You To Death videos. However, tonight will be my first time seeing Tegan and Sara live and I am excited. I’ve been a fan since the If It Was You days and although I likely won’t hear all my favorite jams, I expect to have good fun tonight with my concert-going counterpart, Farley.

It appears that tickets haven’t sold out for Town Ballroom and Japanese Breakfast is opening. I was able to see Japanese Breakfast headline in Rochester earlier this year. They also opened for Slowdive on several tour dates. Check out their new video after the break. 

“I’m Not Sorry, There’s Nothing To Say”

Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Baby Driver Soundtrack Is Ridiculous


The movie is great. The soundtrack is bananas. 


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