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The Beard Baron’s New Private Stock: Capulet

Today at 12 pm EST a new line of The Beard Baron’s Private Stock goes on sale. Capulet will be a new scent blend featuring sandalwood and bourbon. The Private Stock line is a limited release* and will be available in premium beard oil, balm, wash, and mustache wax.

Beard & Hair Day At The Barber


Me, after a long day at work.

I love going to my, “Master Barber,” Pieter Van Dusen. It is part man-crush, part therapy session, and part quality time spent keeping my hair and beard looking good.

I often joke about not wanting to refer people to Pieter because it can be hard to get in for an appointment initially. I am booked three cuts out, so if you’re a man in Rochester, NY who cares about looking sharp, you can do no better.

Hi, I’m Nurse David

Nurse David here. I have decided to move on from my previous blog, There is Another Way to Live.

Although one of the major themes here will be alternative mindsets, TIAWTL was meant to be a collaborative effort that after almost a year didn’t come to fruition.

Through, Nurse David, I will chronicle my adventure into population heath nursing and all the other interests I have to balance work and life. In no particular order, some of those interests are flower gardening, soccer, music/concerts, shoes, and deviating from any societal norm that doesn’t lead to personal fulfillment.

-Nurse David

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