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Movember 1st: Beardless…ageless…



It doesn’t even look like me…

The bearded-folk prefer the term “beardless” over “clean shaven.” I’d argue, “cold” is more fitting.

I have been using my trusty Gillette Mach 3 disposable razor for the past year and today used it for the last time before its Viking-style burial ceremony in the bathtub. It is an honor of the highest order to shave this face.

Roll On Movember

Tomorrow I will shave off 20 years off my look.

Why does Nurse David Mo’?

When I worked in sales it was hard to ask people for money. It turns out talking about men’s health isn’t easy either. I participate in Movember because it is uncomfortable and that’s a good thing.

Nurse David 101: Smells



The best smell is to not smell at all. -Nurse David

(Emotional) Wave Theory

The best way to describe my hiatus from writing on NurseDavid.com could be to put it in the context of my recently developed (emotional) Wave Theory. Relax, this does not involve physics.

Liverpool 3-0 Huddersfield

Three vital (and should be automatic) points.

Liverpool’s recent performances could be described as, “wild mood swings” at this point.

Tottenham 4-1 Liverpool


I’m not sure what we would do without Salah, everyone else needs to get their poop in a group.

Maribor 0-7 Liverpool (UCL)

Typical performance when I have to miss the game for work!

Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United


You have to see to believe how boring United are under Mourinho now, but it’s effective.

Somedays Are Better Than Others (To Workout)

U2 – “Somedays Are Better Than Others

Yesterday…was not a good day for activity. Day four of this month was a rest day. After three days of increasing my activity by as much as 50%, I am feeling the fatigue, the soreness, the desire to crawl back into bed.

As always, a little awareness goes a long way and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. These setbacks or, “rest days” should be anticipated. Somedays are better than others.

-Nurse David

Activity Will Make Us Tired



It doesn’t take much these days…

Massive spoiler alert, right? It is important if we are going to embark on increasing our activity that we do it in a way that doesn’t kill us.

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