This website is dedicated to all the patients I’ve had the privilege to take care of. Through those experiences, I’ve continued to evolve as a nurse and person. The information presented on is a reflection of that experience intertwined with my personal nursing philosophy.

The Origin: In the interest of brevity, “Hi, I’m Nurse David” is an introduction I use to let people know what it is I do and who I am. It’s cheesy. It’s cute. It stuck.

The Career:

RN, Clinical Care Manager – East Ridge Family Medicine (October 2016 – Present)

Surgical Staff Nurse – Genesee Surgical Associates (July 2015 – October 2016)

Surgical Med/Surg Nurse – Rochester Regional Health System (October 2013 – October 2016)

Charge Nurse (Long-term care) / Sub-acute care – Genesis Healthcare (April 2011 – June 2013)

Other interests, hobbies, and previous careers include: beards, beers, concerts, dogs, family, flowers, gardening, general awesomeness, health promotion, Liverpool FC, music, music promotion, random acts of kindness, and shoes.


  • Q: How did you become so awesome?
    • A: I’ve failed, a lot. I’ve learned from those failures and mistakes to help me move forward with more confidence. It’s what allows me to focus on caring for people and putting them at ease.
  • Q: Was it hard to go back to school to become a second career nurse?
    • A: The program I attended, hurt, a lot. My class started with 120(ish) students and we graduated 48. I didn’t enjoy it, but it was worth it. I was ready for action when I graduated.
  • Q: Favorite nurse theorist?
    • A: Betty Neuman and her Systems Model.
  • Q: What is your favorite bit of nursing advice?
    • A: Suffer no fools. Thanks mom!
  • Q: Any tips on growing a beard?
    • A: Yes, believe. Don’t shave.
  • Q: How did you become interested in gardening?
    • A: It shares many similarities with growing beards and nursing: patience, persistence, care, maintenance, flexibility, and beauty when done properly.
  • Q: What the hell makes you so special, huh?
    • A: The ability to ignore questions like that and be the person I want to be.