Testicles, am I right lads? We’ve got them, they produce our half of the baby making process, they also produce hormones like testosterone, but unfortunately can potentially kill us if we don’t pay enough attention to them. Let’s discuss. The only thing I want to impart in this post about knowing your nuts is exactly that: what’s normal for your testicles to feel like vs. what’s not normal.

When should we start knowing what our testicles feel like? After puberty, monthly.

How exactly do we go about doing this? With a self-examination.

  • Best done after a hot shower so the scrotum is relaxed.
  • Mirrors are helpful to notice swelling of the scrotal skin.
  • Examine each testicle with both hands placing index in middle fingers at the bottom of the testicle and thumbs at the top. Gently, but firmly enough to feel for irregularities, roll the testicle back and forth between your fingers (DO NOT TWIST).
  • The back of each testicle is where the epididymis resides. It’s soft and kind of spongey. Being familiar with this will prevent us from mistaking it for a growth.
  • We’re on red alert for irregularities: lumps or nodules (smooth rounded masses) or any change in size, shape, or consistency. It does not have to be painful to be abnormal!!!
    • It is common for one testicle to be larger than the other, but we need to be able to tell if it is normal or abnormal for us.
    • Changes will be less noticeable if we do this every day, that’s why monthly or every two weeks is more appropriate.

Why do we have to do this, doesn’t our doctor do this? Early detection means everything when it comes to cancer. Our chances of survival dramatically increase when problems are noticed early. We can live without a testicle. An irregular testicle cannot live if the rest of the body dies.

Even if we see our physician yearly for a physical, it is completely unrealistic for them to remember our testicles and have any idea about an early subtle change. They may find an irregularity and if they do, great, but we could have found it earlier if we were checking monthly.

PRO TIP: Some of us can enlist the help of our partners so we can have twice the amount of attention for our testicles.

What do we do if we find an irregularity? Report any changes to your physician right away for further evaluation.

For more details information on testicular cancer please visit the American Cancer Society.

So get after it fellas and live a long healthy life!

-Nurse David