Tomorrow I will shave off 20 years off my look.

Why does Nurse David Mo’?

When I worked in sales it was hard to ask people for money. It turns out talking about men’s health isn’t easy either. I participate in Movember because it is uncomfortable and that’s a good thing.
As a nurse, it’s harder to ask people to be healthy than it is to ask them for money. Talking about health and our mortality may not be fun, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some laughs and learn along the way.

Each November I do my best to raise awareness for men’s health among my family and friends to bring them a simple message that may improve and even save their lives.

This year a good friend and former professor sought me out to ask about participating in Movember. He reinvigorated my belief that people are listening and they care about their health. Many of us also care about the health of our family and friends and that is why spreading the message is important…especially for us stubborn men.

Follow the journey on and donate if you are able. Donation can be made via the Movember website and my direct link is


Nurse David