The best smell is to not smell at all. -Nurse David

Seriously. I am blessed not to have this issue with any current co-workers, but smelling bad has been an issue in the past. Patient’s hate it. Co-workers hate it. I hate it. Don’t smell.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Body odor
  • Perfume
  • Cologne
  • Cigarette or other sources of smoke
    • This includes anything to cover up these smells (do these people seriously think we can’t smell both the smoke and the obnoxious cover-up scent?)
  • Hair product scents
  • Anything else that can be applied that doesn’t fade completely into the background within 15 minutes
  • Anything that does not require someone to enter your personal space to get a whiff

If I am being honest, the Krakengärd may be violating that last bullet point.

Make adjustments as needed to our hygiene routine so we aren’t getting dirty looks or unwanted advances. Always have a backup supply of deodorant or antiperspirant in our locker. Healthcare is serious business folks!

-Nurse David