The best way to describe my hiatus from writing on could be to put it in the context of my recently developed (emotional) Wave Theory. Relax, this does not involve physics.

I am capable of being stuck in one of two speeds, either intensely engaged or completely disinterested in an area of my life with very little in between. Family, work, and routine maintenance (read: hygiene) are constants. However, nothing else seems to be immune to the ebb and flow of engagement with the things I love.

This theory of mine however obvious was not something that I have actually accepted until recently. I would constantly attempt to power through and ultimately end up depressed that I wasn’t enjoying something the way I felt thought I should.

For example, in the Spring it is hard to get me to shut up about gardening. I devote so much time to this hobby that the by mid-Summer, there’s hardly anything left to do except sit back and enjoy the blooms. This doesn’t sound bad, but there is a real loss in the sense I now have a new void in my life!

This past month I have been working on my other blog Instead of being upset at the failure to keep up with my posting, I decided to enjoy the ride and continue to updating. I love video games and as long as it doesn’t clash with family, work, or hygiene I am okay with that current arrangement.

Wave Theory has provided me an easy way to accept my emotions with the aim of minimizing the dips in my mood and avoiding depression. Sometimes this means my previous interest needs to take a back seat for a while. It allows me to understand that wave has reached the shore and it is time to find another one to ride. This comes with the understanding that I need to communicate these changes to friends and family because it is impossible to expect them to be in tune with these waves. There is currently no app for my Wave Theory.

My current wave is a total re-evaluation of my fitness and activity levels. In a call-back to almost forgotten youth, it involves bicycles, fashion, and new ways of commuting!

-Nurse David