Precision pruning in tight areas

I started seeking out tools to improve my quality of gardening life. Enter this micro-tip blade pruning shears. These comfortable little shears are fantastic for trimming soft new-growth on my plants.

I purchased these Fiskars shears, but there is no shortage of options in the $8-$15 range. They are comfortable and easy to use, but they do come with some downsides and other considerations.


These shears are wonderful for cutting what they are designed for, tender, new plant growth. Anything that resembles a stiff twig or old growth will give them trouble. There are easy to clean with a damp paper towel. Once dry, they lock closed and come with a little plastic cap to prevent accidental stabbing while in a pocket.

The good:

  • Compact with sharp non-stick blades
  • Good for smaller hands
  • Cuts new tender new growth easily
  • Safe storage capability



Locked position. 


The bad: 

  • May not be ideal for large hands
  • Won’t cut through large diameter (0.25″) growth easily
  • Will struggle with stiff fibrous growth and old growth
  • The spring feels incredibly cheap
    • In fact, when looking these up on Amazon, the “Often purchased together” recommendation is a replacement spring!

I personally love these little blades, they’ve made deadheading, pruning, plant cuttings for propagation all a breeze. I’ve read reviews with people getting really worked up about this type of gardening tool’s short comings, but for the cost, it’s worth investing.