Possibly the only thing I miss about the hospital is I rarely worked more than three days in a row. There is always a day off around the corner.

In primary practice, I’m strapped in for five days in a row. A lot of good often happens during that time. Conversely a lot of bad can also happen. That is this week’s story. 

This past week was an amalgamation of negative emotions due in part to my patients either being assaulted or one terminal diagnosis after another.

I felt really weak at one point, almost on the verge of tears. Luckily, I remember that people rely on me and a job needed to be done. Once that job was done for the day, I needed to cope.

I wanted to cope in the most cathartic way possible. How about playing with chalk on the driveway with my little girl, Pooky, and drawing a massive dragon in 88°F  heat and high humidity? Yeah, that’ll do.

So big I’d have to go to the second floor to get a better photo!

Sweat poured down my face as Pooky handed me one stick of chalk after another. I didn’t even think to name it, my beard was now fully saturated and sweat dripped freely. I just wanted to erase the memory of the day and take my mind off of what I would face the following day.

Truly a magnificent beast.

The weekend is here and tonight (Friday) I plan on getting some well-earned rest. I will keep thinking positively and next week will be better. Or else, more dragons!