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Movember 16th: Know Your Nuts

Testicles, am I right lads? We’ve got them, they produce our half of the baby making process, they also produce hormones like testosterone, but unfortunately can potentially kill us if we don’t pay enough attention to them. Let’s discuss. 

Movember 15th: Slytherin’s Back!

The Empire’s Back!!

The mustache is back!!! Please donate (here or here) to my Movember Fundraiser before I cast a spell on you that will remove your eyebrows…or my eyebrows, are you willing to risk it?!

-Nurse David of House Slytherin

Movember 14th: Signs of Mental Illness


Long before I became a nurse I realized I had a sensitivity to changes in mood, in myself and others. Believe it or not, this made things worse for me because I had an unrealistic expectation that everyone would be able to see when I needed help, reassurance, or someone to talk to. They didn’t.

Last week I discussed mental illness and that it (spoiler alert) affects men whether we want to acknowledge it or not. But for discussion’s sake, let’s say we’re not familiar with the classic signs of mental illness. Recognition of these changes in behavior can allow us to seek or offer help. 

Movember 10th: Slowdive Photos


It’s not often I get a decent photo at a concert, but I have been enjoying these couple of shots from last night’s Slowdive performance in Buffalo.

I also met some fellow Reds from the local Queen City Kop Liverpool FC supporters club. Up the Reds!

Slowdive – “Sugar For The Pill”

Slowdive – “Sugar For The Pill”

I get to see Slowdive tonight at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo. I really couldn’t ask for a better band for my current mood this time of year. Good times with good friends!


Movember 8th: Mental Illness Affects Men Too

Day Seven ‘tasche.

Goal: $500

Total progress: $265

Thank you so much for your donations. It means a great deal to me that people are reading the blog and contributing when they are able!

I’d like to switch gears a bit from physical activity to mental illness if I may. This is a post you’ll want to share with a loved one. Or Gary, that guy you sometimes get beer with after work and you just know he could use some help.

Movember 6th: Strength In Numbers

(Photos of faces removed to protect the guilty)

Several weekends ago I traveled to Boston in a Space Car (Tesla) with a group of friends. It is hard to be physically active in a car, but we can at least talk about it.

West Ham 1-4 Liverpool



der der der der der derrr derrr derrr!!!

Today I managed to get the “Ring of Fire” chant going from my couch via WhatsApp, thanks to one of my mates at the match today!


Movember 3rd: Awareness, Activity & Naked Weight Ins



Meet Storm & “Storm!”

Last month I did my best to champion an office “Measure the Miles” challenge and quickly found that I do not move nearly as much as I should. My days working as a floor nurse in the hospital gave me 8000+ steps without any additional effort. In a primary care office, not so much.

I frequently talk about raising awareness because without that we don’t have data showing us if we are in a good place, a bad place, or somewhere in between. I found I am closer to bad than good.

Liverpool 3-0 Mirabor (UCL)

bored jurgen

That was a less than stellar performance but it is three points closer to the knock-out stage of the Champions League.

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