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Liverpool 2-2 Sevilla (UCL)

So smart. So stubborn.

How many more times are we going to have to point out our defensive shortcomings until we adjust the system?

Manchester City 5-0 Liverpool

OSR: Today I learned there are people who don’t think this foul should have resulted in a red card for Sadio Mane.

Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal

Devastating, just devastating!

OSR: If it were a boxing match, they would have stopped the fight.

Liverpool 4-2 Hoffenheim (6-3)

Sliding on into the group stage.

OSR: To the Champions League proper Bitterman!

Liverpool 1-0 Crystal Palace

Sadio Mane celebrates after a fortuitous bounce puts him in on goal.

OSR: We’ll take 1-0 wins at home all season long if that’s what it takes.

Watford 3-3 Liverpool

Mo’ Salah off the mark in his first EPL match as a Red.

One Sentance Review: Mouthwatering in the attack, nauseating in defense.

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