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Leicester City 2-0 Liverpool (League Cup)

Danny Ward taking a knee to pay his respects to our dead defense.


Well, that spells the end of one competition our youth could have used to develop.

Liverpool 2-2 Sevilla (UCL)

So smart. So stubborn.

How many more times are we going to have to point out our defensive shortcomings until we adjust the system?

Manchester City 5-0 Liverpool

OSR: Today I learned there are people who don’t think this foul should have resulted in a red card for Sadio Mane.

Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal

Devastating, just devastating!

OSR: If it were a boxing match, they would have stopped the fight.

Liverpool 4-2 Hoffenheim (6-3)

Sliding on into the group stage.

OSR: To the Champions League proper Bitterman!

Liverpool 1-0 Crystal Palace

Sadio Mane celebrates after a fortuitous bounce puts him in on goal.

OSR: We’ll take 1-0 wins at home all season long if that’s what it takes.

Hoffenheim 1-2 Liverpool


OSR: Advantage Liverpool, as we pluck two away goals from German soil!

Watford 3-3 Liverpool

Mo’ Salah off the mark in his first EPL match as a Red.

One Sentance Review: Mouthwatering in the attack, nauseating in defense.

Hi, I’m Nurse David

Nurse David here. I have decided to move on from my previous blog, There is Another Way to Live.

Although one of the major themes here will be alternative mindsets, TIAWTL was meant to be a collaborative effort that after almost a year didn’t come to fruition.

Through, Nurse David, I will chronicle my adventure into population heath nursing and all the other interests I have to balance work and life. In no particular order, some of those interests are flower gardening, soccer, music/concerts, shoes, and deviating from any societal norm that doesn’t lead to personal fulfillment.

-Nurse David

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