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Hoffenheim 1-2 Liverpool


OSR: Advantage Liverpool, as we pluck two away goals from German soil!

Watford 3-3 Liverpool

Mo’ Salah off the mark in his first EPL match as a Red.

One Sentance Review: Mouthwatering in the attack, nauseating in defense.

Electric Guest – “Oh Devil”

Electric Guest – “Oh Devil”

Swimming pools, life guards, an old BMW, silk shirts, summer crushes, and smooth falsetto versus Carribean vocals; this is your Friday night summer jam.

The video is a little involved but worth the watch. Electric Guest is on tour and playing at the Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo, NY on September 7th.

Now, I am off to find that silk shirt I rocked in 7th grade that should still fit.


Micro-Tip Pruning Blades

Precision pruning in tight areas

I started seeking out tools to improve my quality of gardening life. Enter this micro-tip blade pruning shears. These comfortable little shears are fantastic for trimming soft new-growth on my plants.

I purchased these Fiskars shears, but there is no shortage of options in the $8-$15 range. They are comfortable and easy to use, but they do come with some downsides and other considerations.

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Tegan and Sara @ Town Ballroom (Buffalo, NY)

Tegan and Sara – “Stop Desire”

If I’m being honest, I’m not a fan of Tegan and Sara’s Love You To Death videos. However, tonight will be my first time seeing Tegan and Sara live and I am excited. I’ve been a fan since the If It Was You days and although I likely won’t hear all my favorite jams, I expect to have good fun tonight with my concert-going counterpart, Farley.

It appears that tickets haven’t sold out for Town Ballroom and Japanese Breakfast is opening. I was able to see Japanese Breakfast headline in Rochester earlier this year. They also opened for Slowdive on several tour dates. Check out their new video after the break. 

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Flower Update

Oriental Lily

I’ve been working behind the scenes on filling in the Annual and Perennial pages with pictures that have come out of the garden this year. Phase two will be general information on the flowers. Phase three will be an ongoing chronicle of how well (or not) these flowers are performing in Zone 6b.

Please let me know if there is anything that catches your eye you’d like to know more about. Or, if you have any tips, I’m all ears!

-Nurse David

Cloud Strife

Yes, I took him out of the packaging because playing with packages is lame.

Video games aren’t in the top five interests of mine at the moment, but they are picking up steam after almost a decade of being on the sidelines. I hope to play them with my kids when they reach minimum acceptable hand-eye coordination.

Nostalgia grips me hard and although you are just as likely to catch me yelling at kids to get out of my garden or struggling to articulate how parents shouldn’t have to be within five feet of their children at all times, neither of those things have figurines.

Now is not the time or place to talk about my love affair with Final Fantasy 7. I am just happy I found this Cloud Strife Amiibo to put on my CD shelf. He may even get taken to work to protect my office from ill-tempered patients!

-Nurse David

Beard & Hair Day At The Barber


Me, after a long day at work.

I love going to my, “Master Barber,” Pieter Van Dusen. It is part man-crush, part therapy session, and part quality time spent keeping my hair and beard looking good.

I often joke about not wanting to refer people to Pieter because it can be hard to get in for an appointment initially. I am booked three cuts out, so if you’re a man in Rochester, NY who cares about looking sharp, you can do no better.

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Propagation From Cuttings: Plant Surgery


The crime scene. A coleus in critical condition.

Yesterday Stella, a very large Great Dane (not picture to protect her identity), allegedly trampled one of my coleus plants while frolicking about my back yard.

When I stumbled upon this injured plant I let out a Darth Vader-esque, “NooooooooooOOOOOOO!!!”

The coleus in question is a beautiful fire-like pallet of oranges, deep reds, and purple that provide brilliant contrast to the abundance of green along the fence line. I feel I have just enough horticultural acumen to salvage it.

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The Wonderful & Terrible Things About The Hospital Day Shift

I’m excited to be writing again. I have mentioned before the ability to attract other like minded individuals. It’s worked again.

I recently read a post from Barely Sane Nurse that hit close to home. She is a night shift nurse who’s started wondering, “why the hell am I doing this again?”

The way Barely Sane Nurse talks about the profession can best be described as, “uncensored.” This is near and dear to my heart as we should be able to talk about the profession, its good and bad, for what it is and isn’t.  This post is dedicated to all barely sane night shift nurses out there. 

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