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Maribor 0-7 Liverpool (UCL)

Typical performance when I have to miss the game for work!

Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United


You have to see to believe how boring United are under Mourinho now, but it’s effective.

Somedays Are Better Than Others (To Workout)

U2 – “Somedays Are Better Than Others

Yesterday…was not a good day for activity. Day four of this month was a rest day. After three days of increasing my activity by as much as 50%, I am feeling the fatigue, the soreness, the desire to crawl back into bed.

As always, a little awareness goes a long way and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. These setbacks or, “rest days” should be anticipated. Somedays are better than others.

-Nurse David

Activity Will Make Us Tired



It doesn’t take much these days…

Massive spoiler alert, right? It is important if we are going to embark on increasing our activity that we do it in a way that doesn’t kill us.

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Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries


extra fries baby.jpg

Our team has a placard!

I am coming off a fantastic weekend of revelry away with friends. Yes, we even brought a Canadian with us to increase the fun factor. Let’s just say if I had congestive heart failure I would have called my provided for gaining too much weight in too short a time span.

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Newcastle 1-1 Liverpool


Missed this game coming back from Boston, unacceptable result.

Spartak Moscow 1-1 Liverpool (UCL)

I won’t waste words like we wasted chances last night.

Leicester City 2-3 Liverpool

corner.jpegAble to overcome mistakes AND a referee for a job done.


The Beardsman’s Kit: Oils


After completing the Beardsman’s Tri-Force (Combs, Brush, Scissors), we have a lot of options on where to go next, should we be interested in taking our beards to the next level. We can do this with various types of products to maintain them to look and feel good.

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Leicester City 2-0 Liverpool (League Cup)

Danny Ward taking a knee to pay his respects to our dead defense.


Well, that spells the end of one competition our youth could have used to develop.

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